Special Systems Design

Individual building applications may require the design of highly specialized mechanical/electrical systems. Developed for medical, educational, commercial, industrial and governmental clients, the systems are necessary for safety purposes, improved patient care or essential manufacturing and research processes. 


Special systems usually provide specific services to limited areas.  Clean Room applications require extremely high levels of air filtration and controls for temperature and humidity.  Process piping of combustible or toxic fluids may require special safely provisions including treated pipes, emergency shut off valves and integral alarm systems.


Toxic gases generated by various processes may have to be removed from the areas where they are produced without interruption of production and with complete employee safety.  Automatic fire control systems which can sense fires, alert the fire department and activate fire retardant or sprinkler systems may also be needed.


Alternative Energy Systems

Alternative energy systems are another area of special systems.  Although simple in concept, the design of efficient geothermal heating and cooling energy systems is an intricate process that requires the proper design of heat recovery chillers, well fields, controls, energy management, and conventional backup systems. 


Studies must also be made of buildings' insulation, construction and other passive energy conservations elements when designing alternative energy systems.