Energy Conservation

As energy costs escalate, more attention is given to the conservation of energy which can reflect on the operating expenses of buildings. 


Simple Conservation Processes

Some measures of energy conservation can be simple such as:

  • Installing Double glazed windows
  • Increasing insulation
  • Moderating temperature settings
  • Using Lower lighting levels
  • Restricting domestic hot water flows

Specialized Conservation Processes

Other programs with highly specialized processes for individual applications may also be cost justified.  Some of the processes are:

  • Preheating of fluids through heat recovery
  • Process heat exchange
  • Two stage absorption chillers
  • Utilization of heat producing illumination
  • Automatic heat and lighting controls

Detailed Building analysis

Energy conservation is applicable to both new construction and retrofitting of existing structures.  A detailed building analysis, also known as an energy audit, allows for an accurate evaluation of program feasibility and helps to establish a specific design approach. 


By carefully fitting the conservation program to the facility, the return on investments may be surprisingly short, one year or less in some cases.