Our Services & Special Expertise

Associated Consulting Engineering, Incorporated (ACEI) offers integrated mechanical and electrical engineering services.  Our special expertise lie in systems design and analysis, programming, value engineering, life cycle cost anaylsis, energy conservation and alternative energy.

Systems Design & Anaylsis

This work includes the careful study of design alternatives through the use of systems analysis, by which the overall project is broken down to a series of building systems which can be objectively reviewed and analyzed with respect to alternative criteria, as well as construction cost.  Such a review gives you, the Client, the opportunity to become involved with an objective review of alternatives at all points of design and results in a better utilization of total dollars budgeted on the project, as well as the entire team being more aware of the design alternatives at each step of the work.


Our firm has continued to become more deeply involved with the initial programming phase of the work to assure our client that the final construction best represents the solution to the project needs both present and future.  On most projects, we highly recommend mechanical and electrical participation in preparation of the building programming. 


We believe that in doing this work we can best assist in the critical step of space analysis and consideration of design alternatives.  However, if a program has already been prepared, we would recommend a brief review to assure all concerned that appropriate mechanical and electrical accommodations have been made.

Value Engineering

Our personnel have attended value engineering training seminars and have extensive experience in applying value engineering principals to the design of mechanical and electrical systems.

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Our personnel have long been convinced that design decisions should be based upon more than just the knowledge of initial construction costs.  We normally assist the Client in programming, operating and maintenance costs on alternatives, and even site alternatives.  With our computer capabilities, 20 to 40 year life cycle printouts can then easily demonstrate to the Client what the basis for his proper decision should be.

Energy Conservation & Alternative Energy

One of the most important considerations in building projects today is that of energy management and conservation.  We have long been concerned with these work items as a part of each building project, and we therefore, always insist that a rather comprehensive analysis be done in the schematic design phase that will analyze the design alternatives.  This would include a system design for energy savings, recapture concepts and a computer calculated comparative fuel analysis if it is applicable.


Energy conservation has been a priority in our design for many years.  In recent years we have assisted many clients in development of an energy conservation program.  Visit our Energy Conservation page to learn more about energy savings. 


There are many alternative energy systems which should be evaluated to determine their practicality.  These have included solar, geothermal (ground water heat pump), waste product recycling, and thermal ice storage systems.